July 15, 2006


Can we put the Romans in charge of that region again? Granted, they didn't do much for the region, aside from roads, aqueducts, keeping the peace, and sanitation, but at least they united the factions against their common enemy: The Judean People's Front.

I suppose some might see joking about such things as bad taste, but although Kevin Drum is getting hammered for it, I actually understand why he might want to throw up his hands on this subject. It's not that I don't care -- I do -- and it's not that I don't hope that things will work out well. I do. But beyond hoping (and "hope" is probably the operative word) that we'll see a decisive end to Syrian/Iranian mischief-making in the region, I don't have a lot to contribute.

But here's a hopeful sign, anyway:

I can see pigs flying. The conference of Arab foreign ministers in Cairo are not, as usual, arguing over Israel, they're discussing the legitimacy of Hezbollah. Saudi Arabia is leading the camp of ministers criticizing Hezbollah.

And I might as well hope, because it's all I can do. One hopes, also, that those with more influence on the region are using it constructively.

UPDATE: A not-so-hopeful sign, in the form of a post from Michael Totten's co-blogger, now a refugee heading to, yes, Syria.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Dan Riehl says I'm wrong to be depressed. On the other hand, this guy (who I haven't read before) says I'm wrong to be hopeful. At least they agree that I'm wrong -- I'm a uniter, not a divider . . . .

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: Egyptian blogger Sandmonkey sends this post to cheer me up. Thanks!