July 15, 2006

IT'S WEIRD: My earlier mentions of John Edwards (whose blog-boomlet continues!) have generated two types of email: "You bastard -- of course as a lawyer you'd support an Evil Trial Lawyer," and "You bastard -- of course as a Rethuglican stooge you'd push another southern white boy."

Yeah. I mean, I think I'd be okay about a ticket with Edwards and Warner on it, but how likely is it that two southerners from adjoining states could win the presidency for the Democrats? By even raising that point I'm some sort of Rovian stooge. And, worse, a lawyer!

[Well, aren't you a lawyer? -- Ed. I'm just on the side of justice!]

UPDATE: Several people email along these lines: "I suppose that someone has pointed this out to you already. But in 1992, two Dems from adjoining Southern states did win the presidency."

Er, yes. I even voted for them, the first time.