June 20, 2006

MICKEY KAUS notes more revisionist history from Paul Krugman -- only this time it's not about the war.

Plus, "A stunningly cynical move by Senate Democrats." But that one, unsurprisingly, is about the war.

And, on BloggingHeads TV, Mickey Kaus and Robert Wright debate "Kos-ola." I continue to be unimpressed with the Kos scandals, which to me just look like politics as usual. I do note, though, that if I had similar connections to Republican politicians, the Kos crowd would probably be calling me a sellout . . . .

James Joyner, meanwhile, thinks I'm wrong to downplay this, makes an interesting distinction between blogs like InstaPundit and blog communities like Kos, and notes debate on the left. Bill Ardolino, on the other hand, offers a Kos defense of sorts: "For as much rightful criticism as that distasteful being receives, backing Mark Warner is one of the few smart political moves I've seen him make."

UPDATE: Jon Henke has more on Krugman's duplicity.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Jim Geraghty has a comprehensive Kos-Armstrong timeline. I still don't think it's a smoking gun, but he's right that this may dilute the trustworthiness of the Kos "brand" with some of his readers. But that's the blogosphere -- people who don't like him will go elsewhere, and they get to make up their own minds.

And there's this criticism from the left, which doesn't rely on scandal for its point:

In political terms the blogosphere is like white noise, insistent and meaningless, like the wash of Pacific surf I can hear most days. But MoveOn.Org and Daily Kos have been hailed as the emergent form of modern politics, the target of excited articles in the New York Review of Books.

Beyond raising money swiftly handed over to the gratified veterans of the election industry both MoveOn and Daily Kos have had zero political effect, except as a demobilizing force.

Hmm. Who to root for in this battle?