June 13, 2006

FROM FITZMAS TO FIZZLEMAS: Karl Rove won't be indicted.

John Podhoretz weighs in: "Karl Rove won't say it, and his lawyer won't say it, but I'll say it: Patrick Fitzgerald's conduct in the Rove matter has been disgraceful." Any comments from Jason Leopold?

There's a big Rove non-indictment roundup right here, and Austin Bay has some further thoughts. And there's lots more from Tom Maguire.

And there's this: "Rove Cleared, Zarqawi Dead, Bush doomed." Well, I predict he won't be reelected in 2008, anyway. But he's in Baghdad at the moment.

And while Bush is in Baghdad, Hillary's getting booed by the left, according to Dave Weigel. The Republicans are doomed!

MORE: Jim Lindgren observes: "It would be interesting to compare the false statements made by Rove and Libby to the investigators with the false statements made by Joe Wilson to the press and the public."