June 12, 2006

SEVERAL PEOPLE HAVE EMAILED TO ASK IF I'M OK: Yes, actually, though we're on the Florida Gulf Coast and keeping an eye on the hurricane warnings, which have gotten considerably stronger all of a sudden. Looks like we'll miss most of it.

The "High Speed Internet" at our beach house doesn't work, though, and there's no Verizon coverage. I've used that as an excuse to take a break; right now I'm in a wifi-equipped cafe in Apalachicola. I've been reading Andy Kessler's The End of Medicine : How Silicon Valley (and Naked Mice) Will Reboot Your Doctor. It's really good, and we're going to try to get Kessler on for a podcast interview soon. I certainly hope his vision for the future comes true, and soon!

UPDATE: The Cafe is called Veranda's -- it's got a nice wine bar, too, but it's a bit early for me. I can recommend the Key Lime pie, though.

Meanwhile, speaking of matters medical, some interesting kidneyblogging from Jeremy Floyd.