June 06, 2006

PAUL CAMPOS MAKES NO SENSE: At least, I don't quite understand how my agreeing with Peter Beinart about Haditha and the importance of bringing offenders to justice makes me a "Bush dead-ender" and a "jingoistic right-wing ideologue."

Perhaps, nowadays, all that's necessary for that is to regard My Lai with something less than nostalgia. Since, unlike Campos, I've actually helped to call attention to war crimes by U.S. troops that the Big Media failed to notice, I think I'll just add Campos to the rather large list of newspaper columnists who lack moral and intellectual seriousness on the war.

Meanwhile, unlike Campos, Roger Fraley has actually read what I've written about Haditha. And -- even more unlike Campos -- he appears to have understood it.

Campos, meanwhile, might read Michael Yon on the subject. And perhaps ruminate a bit on the presumption of innocence. (Via Hugh Hewitt, who I gather had Campos on his show tonight.)

UPDATE: Here's the Hewitt transcript. Campos seems to have trouble pointing to any actual, you know, evidence to support his propositions. I guess we should be glad he's a law professor and not a prosecutor. Hewitt, on the other hand, seems pretty good at cross-examination.

Hey, I should just be glad Campos didn't call me the Antichrist.