May 07, 2006

GEORGE WILL SAYS IT'S OUR CIVIC DUTY to see United 93, and makes a point I've made here a time or two:

The message of the movie is: We are all potential soldiers. And we all may be, at any moment, at the war's front, because in this war the front can be anywhere.

The hinge on which the movie turns are 13 words that a passenger speaks, without histrionics, as he and others prepare to rush the cockpit, shortly before the plane plunges into a Pennsylvania field. The words are: "No one is going to help us. We've got to do it ourselves." Those words not only summarize this nation's situation in today's war but also express a citizen's general responsibilities in a free society.

Indeed. What's interesting are the pans from lefties in the audience reviews. It's like that idea is offensive, somehow. Happily, however, people in general have learned the lesson. And learned it rather well.