May 02, 2006

TYPEPAD IS DOWN: No word on how long it'll be before things are fixed.

UPDATE: Anil Dash emails: "TypePad appears to be down because I think connectivity to the hosting facility has been knocked out for us as well as everybody else in the facility. I'm just finding out more now, but that's why even the status site is offline, as well as a bunch of other companies' websites. We'll be updating the blog ASAP with more info." I notice a number of sites seem to be hard to reach at the moment.

A reader reports that LiveJournal is down, too.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Back up now, but I got this email from Anil overnight: "Thanks for taking the time to update, really appreciated after a long, shitty day. Looks like it's a coordinated denial-of-service attack, but on word if it's related to the DOS attacks on high profile bloggers last week. Our ops guys aren't going to be sleeping tonight, but after they've had time to breathe, I'll update you if we find out who the attackers are."

Hmm. There's certainly a lot of that going around.