April 04, 2006

SALON stands up against the hate:

This afternoon, the Huffington Post ran a blurb on this weekend's Colorado wedding of NBC correspondent Campbell Brown, 37, and Fox News analyst and GOP strategist Dan Senor, 34.

Below are some of the comments posted by HuffPo readers in response to the two-paragraph item:

randomizer37: "Oh my God, is he f*cking ugly! Yet more proof that women are whores!"

Vaughn: "That guy looks like a f*cking bug ... He has the job of a cockroach ... She probably f*cked several TV execs to get where she is now." . . .

SBJack: "At her age she has to take what she can get ... even if it is gay and younger than she is. Desperate Housewife, indeed."

AllAmerican: "How appropriate ... BEAVER CREEK."

Jackalheadedgod: "Yeah, and what's her name, the brunette on CNN, had personal knowledge of Limbaugh's butt cyst until she took a blow to the head recently."

Joel: "Ugly dress. Only a gay Republican would marry a woman in a dress that ugly."

Let's hear it for those on the left who dismiss a man they don't like by calling him "gay," and who take a woman down a couple of notches by throwing around the word "whore" and labeling her ugly, old and desperate. No wonder they hate Senor's Republican ties so much; Republicans are mean and intolerant people.