March 15, 2006

THE ONLINE FREEDOM ACT IS UP FOR A VOTE, and it seems to me that supporting it is very important to the future of the blogosphere and alternative media generally. Mike Krempasky and Kos both have more. To quote Kos:

So the debate over regulation of the blogosphere is starting to boil, with the NY Times throwing its lot against HR 1606 (they call it the "Internet Campaign Loophole").

Except that this loophole has existed for several years and still hasn't been exploited. And the alternative plan (dubbed the CDT plan), hasn't been thoroughly debated and considered.

Note, HR 1606 was killed by the "reformer" groups and Nancy Pelosi because, they argued, it hadn't been "properly debated". Well, HR 1606 now has been properly debated and we're ready to vote on it. Sensing a looming defeat, the bill's opponents suddenly get behind the CDT proposal -- which has had NO debate nor committee hearings. Hypocrisy isn't too foreign to those types.

At least they're bringing the blogosphere together.