February 04, 2006


The American Spectator's Jed Babbin was on John Batchelor's radio show yesterday, and stated that the intelligence community believes West Virignia Senator Jay Rockefeller is the leaker who illegally supplied the New York Times with the details of the NSA program.

Given that the CIA's Porter J. Goss stated emphatically that the leak had done very serious damage to the United States, if Rockefeller is a suspect, he should be hauled before a Grand Jury asap. When the crime was bribery (Abscam)no one protested that a sitting U.S. Senator ought not to be a target.

If the crime is much more serious --and this is-- purported good intentions should not shield the suspect.

Has any member of the press asked Rockefeller point blank if he's the law breaker yet?

No doubt the New York Times will be calling for a criminal investigation, as it did in the Plame matter.