January 24, 2006

GOOGLE CAPITULATES TO CENSORS: "Google announced that it is officially launching its services in China, a move that will require the Internet firm to subject itself to self-censorship."

UPDATE: Publius has more, and points out the oddity of Google being more willing to cooperate with the Chinese than with the American government. "Perhaps they should change their motto to, 'Itís just business.'"

ANOTHER UPDATE: Rebecca MacKinnon notes in mitigation, "Google seems to be trying to minimize its evilness in several ways."

MORE: David Pinto: "I've removed Google AdSense from my website due to their agreement to censor searches in China."

STILL MORE: Jonah Goldberg writes: "I think Google's a great product and company, but doesn't this just demonstrate that their principles are marketing tools more than anything else?"