January 20, 2006

I'LL BE ON HUGH HEWITT'S SHOW in just a minute, talking about the Washington Post blog-comment controversy mentioned below. You can listen live online here.

UPDATE: My transcript isn't up yet, but here's the transcript of Jim Brady of the Post talking about the subject.

And I agree with this observation: "This is yet another argument for slashdot-style moderation. Why hasn't it caught on elsewhere?" I read Slashdot at +3 most of the time, which filters out nearly all the trolls, and many of the idiots.

ANOTHER UPDATE: TigerHawk offers some thoughts from the perspective of a corporate general counsel: "Speaking as somebody who has been in charge of the law department at one public company or another for more than ten years, I don't think that thin skin or 'family values' or any other lame-ass consideration drove the WaPo out of the comments game. Nope. I believe that the decision was probably driven by its law department out of fear that it had created a 'hostile environment' for its employees by permitting the unmediated publication of comments about them. Think about it -- what other business does that? None."