January 09, 2006

PODCAST UPDATE: Lots of people want to know how we recorded the podcast yesterday. My setup is overkill, since I already had a recording studio. I already had this Mackie mixer, and connected it to the computer through this M-Audio interface box. We used these AKG condenser microphones. And this telephone interface box, which I wrote about last week, was key to doing the phone interviews. (The trouble with phone interviews, though, is that lots of people don't have landline phones anymore, and cordless/cell/VOIP connections don't sound as good. Sigh.) The sound was recorded into Adobe Audition (successor to my beloved Cool Edit Pro) and then I assembled the segments in Sonic Foundry Acid -- I could have done that in Audition, too, but I'm used to working with Acid, so I did it there. There's a newer version of Acid from Sony, but I haven't upgraded.

As I say, this is all probably overkill, but the only new item I had to buy was the telephone interface box. Judging by the level of interest, podcasting is about to explode -- it's even a cover story in this month's Electronic Musician. You can always read Podcasting for Dummies for more background.

UPDATE: Reader Jeff Smidler sends this Gizmodo link, along with a link to this M-Audio page. I told you it was going to be big.

ANOTHER UPDATE: I haven't used it myself, but lots of people like Audacity, a free sound editor program in both Mac and PC versions.

MORE: And Skypecasting is pretty cheap!