January 08, 2006

HELEN'S HEART T-SHIRT is mentioned in a story in the Chicago Tribune about the medical t-shirt company, run by Northwestern cardiologist Wes Fisher. Excerpt:

The MedTees T-shirts are the brainchild of Evanston Northwestern physician Wes Fisher and his wife, Diane. Fed up with a culture that they say resists the natural processes of aging and illness like leprosy, the Fishers' idea allows patients and people with illnesses to poke fun at their ailments.

"It's kind of a countercultural idea," Wes Fisher said in the kitchen of his home. "People in Western culture really don't think it's OK to have an illness or be sick. We have a media image of the perfect body."

The MedTees site has a number of different t-shirts, but they're happy to get suggestions for new ones. And Fisher has a blog, too.