January 03, 2006

THERE'S LOTS OF BLOGOSPHERIC BITCHING about tech-stuff that doesn't work right, which is why I think it's important to give credit where credit's due. I bought a telephone interface box from JK Audio, (it was this one) and when I hooked it up it worked fine except that there was a persistent low-level buzz that I found irritating. I could filter it out (mostly) with the noise-reduction feature on Audition, but that's a kludge. I tried checking for groundloops, replacing all the cords, isolating the box, etc., but it was still there. I called the company's number, the woman who answered (on the second ring) told me how to fix it (with a counterintuitive level change), and the problem went away.

If only everything were that easy.

UPDATE: Reader Barry Pike emails:

I'm a JK Audio dealer and you are correct, they are an excellent company. More than once I've had Joe Klinger (JK) himself return a call to one of my customers with a timely solution to some bizarre problem or other. He's a very clever man, to say the least, and his products and customer service are excellent.

You gotta love that. And it deserves praise as much as the problems deserve complaint.