December 09, 2005


INSTAPUNDIT'S AFGHANISTAN PHOTO-CORRESPONDENT, Major Robert Macaraeg, sends this report and photos:

A few days ago I received a phone call and email from a university student at the newly reopened University of Kandahar. I was asked to help the student with MSgt Radermacher of the USAF to move over three air cargo pallets of books for the new library that the University is opening. Afghan students at George Washington University collected the books and the US Air Force transported them under the Denton Program for no cost. The students arranged for a Jingle truck for the final leg of the journey and with US Military personnel provided the elbow grease to load the truck with the books. The students were grateful for the books and the Air Force and Army personnel were happy to contribute to the growth of Academia in Afghanistan.

Have fun in America and Merry Christmas.

Likewise, Major.