December 08, 2005

TIAN LOOKS AT SOME hysterically overpriced cookware. No, really: "When he revealed the price, it was so overpriced that it is truly laughable! . . . If you donít have any cash on hand, a 48-month payment option is available with 18% interest rate." Spare me.

At the recommendation of various readers back during the Great Cookware Thread, I bought some Cuisinart Multiclad stuff, which was quite cheap even compared with All-Clad, which I thought was expensive until I saw this stuff, and with which I've been very happy. And I'm even happier when I compare the price with the stuff Tian's writing about. Holy crap!

And for the Insta-Wife, who's kind of hard on pots, I bought a few pieces of Chefmate stuff from Target. Even cheaper, and not half bad considering the price.