September 24, 2005

GATEWAY PUNDIT HAS A ROUNDUP ON THE ANTIWAR PROTESTS ("I thought this was going to be an Anti-Iraq War Rally but it's just a hodgepodge of extreme leftist groups taking turns at a microphone."), while reader Brandon Marx emails:

I dont think that the anti-war rally is following the Daily Kos' Do's and Dont's of protests. In 10 minutes I have heard that 1) the war is racist 2) Bush left the black and poor behind in New Orleans and 3) Bush is funding the horrible occupation of the Palestinian people. Also, 100,000? On C-Span I'm seeing a couple thousand tops.

When your advice on moderation comes from Daily Kos, you're in trouble. Especially when you don't follow it . . . .

Free Mumia!

ANOTHER UPDATE: More firsthand photoblogging, from Michelle Malkin, with graphic evidence that people aren't following the Kos advice! (And go here, or just scroll down, for lots more photoblogging links).

MORE: More photoblogging here, and Ian Schwartz has video of Cindy Sheehan defying the Kos advice.

MORE STILL: Bad reviews even at DailyKos: "Watching clips of the Answer Anti-War Rally, all I see are things that I want nothing to do with. . . . I watch this rally and see people basically supporting the Hamas, etc., and the suicide killings of innocent Israelis in cafes, on buses, etc."

Which speaks well for you, but that's who holds these rallies. As I said before, if there were an authentic grassroots anti-war movement, then the rallies wouldn't be dominated by fringers. Reading the comments is interesting, because a lot of people are saying the kind of stuff about A.N.S.W.E.R. that I've been saying for years. That sounds like good news, to me. I support the war, but I'm not afraid of an intellectually and morally serious antiwar movement. We just haven't had one of those.

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STILL MORE: More photoblogging here.