September 21, 2005

NO ACTUAL SPECIFICS in response to her porkbuster questions, but Sissy Willis grades her elected representatives (Sens. Kennedy & Kerry, Rep. Capuano) on form. Grades are mixed.

Minnesota reader Monte Myer emails:

I just got off the phone with Senator Coleman's office (Minnesota). We have 9 Million in pork going to bike trails. The only thing they said was that it was virtually impossible to rescind something like this (it takes 2/3rds vote). He didn't sound that interested, but said he would pass on my message to the Senator.

Not much of a response. I was hoping for better.

Indeed. More of these as they come in -- please put "Pork Response" in your subject line, and please don't use that subject for anything but reports of what your Senators / Congressperson said on this.

Meanwhile, N.Z. Bear posts some thoughts on what we're trying to do: "a fiscal 'Broken Windows' policy."

If you've come to this late, the background is here.

UPDATE: Reader Pat Clancy emails:

I called my Senators (Coleman / Dayton) and Congressman (Oberstar)earlier today. Not one had any position on the isssue of "re-evaluating spending in light of the recent hurricane" but would pass on my comments to the respective represenative. My feeling in speaking with each office was one of ambivalance.

I can imagine.