June 23, 2005


Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist is the latest Tennessee politician to weigh in on the Cocke County cockfighting raid. Frist, R-Tenn., said in an interview Wednesday that the practice of gambling on razor-armed roosters often fighting to the death "is wrong and irresponsible."

Meanwhile, U.S. Rep. John J. Duncan Jr., R-Knoxville, said he opposes cockfighting and may support a stiffer state or federal penalty for participants. But Duncan also echoed recent comments by U.S. Rep. Bill Jenkins of Rogersville that the FBI should have left enforcement against cockfighting and gambling violations in Cocke County on June 11 to state and local law enforcement.

"Congressman Jenkins told me they spent $400,000 to conduct that raid," Duncan said in an interview. "I understand there were helicopters and machine guns and all that kind of stuff. I think they went way overboard on that."

Until they can secure the borders and stuff, it seems to me that cockfighting should be a pretty low priority. D'ya think?