May 17, 2005

AUSTIN BAY responds to Andrew Sullivan. So, in a way, does Irshad Manji.

UPDATE: Heh. Well, puppy-blending has been mentioned on national TV, so there must be something to it, right?

ANOTHER UPDATE: Various people have asked about the origin of the puppy-blending thing. Here's the original post by Frank J., which spawned many further iterations. The good news is that people trying to dig up Internet dirt on me will have to wade through a lot of chaff.

Or, if they're at Newsweek, or CBS, or The Boston Globe, they can just publish it, photos and all! And, no doubt, blame the Internet later . . . .

In the interest of fairness, I just hope they'll note that even my fiercest critics admit that I do "a better than average robot dance." Some truths will pierce even the thickest fog of lies!