May 07, 2005


DAVE WINER lectures on civility, at what seems to be the most contentious of the sessions so far.

John Jay Hooker suggests that blogging is "inherently adversarial," but stresses the need to use good manners and disagree without being disagreeable.

Dave took offense at this remark, though I'm not sure why.

UPDATE: I left just after Dave sat down and refused to continue as moderator. I imagine that things sorted themselves out later, though.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Les Jones stayed and blogged the whole session.

Meanwhile, on a calmer note, Blake Wylie blogged the protecting bloggers session with Mark Glaser.

MORE: Here's a report on the faith-based blogging session.

STILL MORE: Here's Dave's take on the session: "We're going to have to work hard if we want to work together."

MORE STILL: The civility discussion was captured on video for posterity, here.