April 20, 2005

I HAD PLANNED TO GO TO THE MOUNTAINS to take pictures after a brief stop at the office, Once in the office, however, I was unable to escape in time. But I did wander the campus with the Nikon and took some pictures, for the benefit of the various alumni and expats who keep asking for more.

This is just outside the Walters Life Sciences building. The dogwoods are blooming nicely.


Some posters at the bottom of The Hill, near the student center


A campus coffee shop, ghostly face visible in the window.


The path to Ayres Hall, with more dogwoods.


One of the unsung heroes of the Physical Plant, hard at work. The main guy for the law school is cool; he's into electronic music, and is even a Cool Edit fan.


Outdoor reading and studying is de rigeur on days like today.



Bigger versions available here.