April 04, 2005

CAPT. ED MAKES THE CBC for his publication of banned-in-Canada information on the scandals that may bring down Paul Martin's government. Video clip here, text here, more background at Dust My Broom.

Meanwhile, Capt. Ed has more on the scandal, which should excite his new legion of Canadian readers. And Jeff Quinton reports that his site is being deluged with Canadians searching for "Instipundit."

Meanwhile, Nicholas Packwood writes:

It is beginning to look to me that the Liberal Party of Canada has more to worry about than remaining in power. If comprehensive, wide-ranging criminal charges are not laid soon and all the way to the top of this thing we may be looking at the collapse of the federal party for a generation. And if that happens we may be at the mercy of the fundamentalists who have taken control of the Conservative Party of Canada in which case I say with no irony, "May God help us all."

Canada under the control of fundamentalists? Hard to imagine.

UPDATE: More Canadian scandalblogging here and here.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Still more, here.

MORE: Ed explains why he thinks this is important:

One of my commenters last night asked why Americans should be so offended by a publication ban, considering that grand jury testimony is often kept secret here. However, grand jury testimony is truly held in camera, meaning closed off to the public. As Taber reports, that's hardly the case with the Gomery Inquiry . . . In other words, every politician has access to the testimony, and even most reporters can get the transcript or at least hear it as the witnesses reveal their secrets. The only people whom the publication ban affects are the Canadian voters who elected these people and whose money got siphoned off. It has no analogy to grand juries whatsoever.

Read the whole thing, as well as this interview with Capt. Ed from The Globe and Mail.

And there's more on the ban here, from the Montreal Gazette.

I'm kind of surprised this routing-around-censorship story hasn't gotten more play in the United States. Is it just because any mention of Canada puts American editors to sleep? Bloggers know better.