March 04, 2005

BLOGGERS, MCCAIN-FEINGOLD, AND MEDIA CREDENTIALS: A Houston talk-radio station wants to make sure that all bloggers get the media exemption that allows free speech under campaign-finance "reform" law:

As such, we believe that we enjoy the "broadcast exemption" that prohibits the federal government from regulating our speech in the manner they are proposing for "mere" citizen bloggers.

While we still need to talk to some sharp lawyers and nail down the details, if these restrictions come to pass, KSEV and LST are committed to working out a legally sound way in which individual bloggers– of every ideological persuasion and partisan affiliation– can somehow register with us and be credentialed as a press representative of KSEV and LST.

Like Raoul Wallenberg handing out passports, we will start issuing press credentials to any blogger that asks for one.

I trust that things will turn out better for them than they did for Wallenberg . . . .

UPDATE: In response to Josh, I took the Wallenberg reference to be ironic, as was my treatment of it (here at InstaPundit, gratuitous ellipsis is generally a sign of irony). I detected no such irony in Robert Byrd's comments.