February 19, 2005

LAST NIGHT wasn't as uncomfortable as I feared. I wound up sharing the bed with Helen. Back when we were single, we often shared twin beds that were smaller than this, and it was actually very nice, and snuggly, despite the regular "wake-up-for-your-sleeping-pill" hospital style interruptions. I don't think we'll trade in the king-sized bed at home for a full, but it was a good way to spend the night, especially at a time like this.

As you can see from the photo to the right, Helen has been keeping herself amused. I'm home at the moment, to pick up some more clothes for her and to rescue the cats from durance vile. I'm heading back over there later, but I'm going to post a few blog entries so that you all won't be totally bored.

And for those who asked about using the Verizon card in the hospital -- given many hospitals' strict anti-cellphone policies -- I asked. They told me that it was OK. The older analog-style cellphones screw up their telemetry, and they don't like to rely on people knowing what kind of phone they carry. But the Verizon card posed no problems, and it definitely makes you feel less isolated -- especially when people are emailing you.

Thanks very much to the many, many people who have emailed. And I have to say -- without taking anything away from anyone else -- that I've been particularly touched by the nice emails and posts from people who are often on the other side of blogospheric disagreements, people like Ted Barlow, Jack O'Toole, Randy Paul, Jeralyn Merritt, and Oliver Willis. Thanks.