February 18, 2005

THE VERIZON WIRELESS CARD is great when you're stuck in a hospital. Helen, who is recovering well from her procedure, just finished checking her email and surfing. Checking my own email, I just noticed several readers pointing out that there's all sorts of interesting stuff happening in Lebanon:

The multi-sectarian Lebanese opposition Friday demanded Syria end its military presence and called for dismissal of the government.

"In response to the policy of intimidation and terrorization by the Lebanese authorities and the Syrian authorities, the Lebanese opposition declares the launching of the democratic and peaceful uprising for independence," the opposition said in a statement.

Very interesting. There's also this delightful twist: "Lebanese opposition declares intifada." Heh.

Meanwhile, I observe that hospitals are boring and uncomfortable places, something that I have noticed before, and suggest that every room should have a comfy chair and a high-speed Internet connection. This room, alas, has neither. Fortunately, I brought my own Internet connection. I wish I'd brought a chair, too . . . .

UPDATE: Yeah, one of these, maybe.