February 18, 2005


Remember this? "I make the following prediction: In 20 or 25 years (it might not even take that long) all the people who were saying that the war was wrong and Iraq was wrong will talk about how America brought democracy to Iraq and Afghanistan and how they were a part of it."

Exhibit A, from Jay Nordlinger in NRO:

I was reading an op-ed piece by Fareed Zakaria in the Washington Post, and he began by quoting Jon Stewart, the comedian, who said, "We did it! We had the election. And now we can say to Iraq, 'Goodbye!'"If it had been up to Jon Stewart and his ilk, that election in Iraq would never have taken place.

"We did it!" indeed.

Heh. Success has a thousand fathers. With people coming forward to claim paternity, I guess we know we're succeeding.

UPDATE: Reader Thomas Castle says that the Jon Stewart quote is out of context:

You probably didn't see the episode in question, but you should know that your quoted comments on Jon Stewart are totally out of context. On that episode, which I saw, Jon Stewart basically asks Fareed Zakaria, How can those of us who opposed this thing from day one respond when we see joyous Iraqis casting their first votes? He openly and honestly states he was always against it, yet is happy for them nonetheless. This is a perfectly respectable and refreshingly honest position coming from someone who's been very critical of the Bush administration (and rightly so).

I didn't see it, but if the above quote is misleading I'm happy to correct the record.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Several readers disagree with Castle. Here's the video link, so you can make up your own mind. Watching it myself, I don't think that Stewart's "we" was really taking credit, but I think you could read it both ways, and I'm not at my best in terms of that kind of judgment at the moment.