January 16, 2005

TIM "DON'T HATE ME BECAUSE I'M BEAUTIFUL" BLAIR offers an amusing critique of David Von Drehle's redstate report. It's not quite Lileks' Olive Garden Fisking (what is?) but it's pretty funny.

And, really, take a look at this picture: could anyone hate Tim because he's beautiful?

UPDATE: Patrick Ruffini has more thoughts on the Von Drehle piece, in a more serious vein.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Michael Sullivan sends a lengthy email. Click "read more" to read it. And there are more comments here, from Ginny.

Sullivan writes:

I followed your link to David Von Drehle's redstate report and found his article to be unusually well balanced, for the MSM. It helped crystallized some ideas that have been floating around since before the election. I don't know who else to rant to so you get it. Sorry. [From Glenn: That's my role sometimes, it seems!]

About myself. I'm 46 years old and live in northern Illinois, outside the Chicago area. I'm a CPA, have an MBA degree and taught college level economics as adjunct faculty for ten years. I'm embarrassed to admit I was a member of Mensa for a short time. I enlisted in the U.S. army and spent four years as a Russian linguist during the Carter years. I lived in Sweden for a year and in Germany for two. I have traveled extensively. I've been married for the last twenty years to a woman who came to America as a teenage refugee from Laos. We have two teenage sons of whom I am very proud. I have a brother-in-law who is black and a sister who is in a long term gay relationship. When we were married my best man was Moslem and the maid of honor was Buddhist. I see myself as a libertarian, belong to a shooting club and enjoy target shooting.

And I voted for George Bush.

I resent hearing media and democratic partisans (but I repeat myself) describe me as stupid, ignorant or bigoted. I resent constantly being preached at by some Hollywood star with a high school education and trouble maintaining a committed relationship. I know that not all members of my shooting club are flannel wearing white men.

I believe the democrats lost the election because the best candidate they could come up with was John Kerry.

I saw first hand what Jimmy Carter did to the U.S. military and believe that Kerry would have been even worse, although Kerry could never articulate exactly what he would do about anything.

I think that the United States has something unique and worth celebrating in the Constitution and Bill of Rights and I could not trust John Kerry with its protection.

While I frequently disagree with George Bush I respect him and believe that what we are doing in Afghanistan and Iraq is a good thing.

What scares me most is that when I hear liberals expound I can't help but think how stupid, ignorant and bigoted they are. Perhaps the only difference between they and I is that I'm too polite to say anything.

As I've noted before, politeness does matter.