January 11, 2005

WAS LINCOLN GAY? Andrew Sullivan cares, and so do the folks at The Weekly Standard. I can't seem to, though. The guy saved the nation, and I'm supposed to care about where he put his wing-wang?

But if he was, you can't blame Vanna White.

UPDATE: My use of the term "wing-wang" is criticized.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Andrew Sullivan doesn't like it, either: "This, apparently, is Glenn Reynold's view of what being gay is. And Glenn is on the side of the angels in this. It's enough to make you despair."

Andrew is despairing a lot lately, I'm afraid. But if I was dismissive above (and I was) it's because I'm just not that interested in other people's sexuality. I don't even care about Brad and Jen's split, and not only did they not save the Union, as near as I can tell their whole reason for existence is to promote such interest. (Something that I, by contrast, have done only once, as far as I know . . . .) I'm actually a bit surprised by Andrew's reaction, as many people who find other people's sexuality fascinating seem fascinated with the idea of controlling it, which I'm certainly not. Your sexuality is your own, as Lincoln's was his own, but don't expect me to be fascinated.