December 26, 2004

POWER LINE is fact-checking Tom Friedman:

Friedman then recapitulates, in a sentence or two, ten recent news stories, all of which are intended to reflect badly the Bush administration; . . . There is a fundamental problem, however, with Friedman's attempt to show that our national priorities are wrong. The news stories he cites are largely either false, or mischaracterized by him. Let's take them one at a time.

And they do. Part of Friedman's problem is that he was suckered by the Post. Power Line concludes: "Actually, Tom, there is a debate going on. The New York Times just isn't part of it, because it operates at too low a level of information to be useful to knowledgeable news consumers." (Ouch! It's like they're channeling you-know-who!) But at least Friedman isn't living in Modopia!

UPDATE: Tom Maguire notes ironies for Okrent.

I guess this is just more evidence that "the Internet is helping."

ANOTHER UPDATE: Friedman's missed opportunity is discussed.