December 19, 2004

TIME NAMES BUSH "MAN OF THE YEAR," and Power Line blog of the year. Sounds about right to me!

UPDATE: Here's an excerpt from the Power Line story:

The story of how three amateur journalists working in a homegrown online medium challenged a network news legend and won has many, many game-changing angles to it. One of the strangest and most radical is that the key information in "The 61st Minute" came from Power Line's readers, not its ostensible writers. The Power Liners are quick, even eager, to point this out. "What this story shows more than anything is the power of the medium," Hinderaker says. "The world is full of smart people who have information about every imaginable topic, and until the Internet came along, there wasn't any practical way to put it together."


ANOTHER UPDATE: Thanks, guys, but I've had my Time article already.