December 13, 2004

FOR THE LAST HOUR OR SO I've been blogging from the tire place. Found a flat tire on the Passat, pumped it up with a hand pump (no small job) and drove it over to get it fixed. There's no wifi here, but the Verizon wireless card has worked great, letting me post to the blog and do research for a law review article I'm finishing up.

UPDATE: It was a big, nasty screw that was responsible for the flat. On the hand-pump angle, some readers wrote that I need to buy one of these. Actually, I own one, but I wanted the exercise since I've spent the rest of the day at a computer writing. It was, however, plenty of exercise as it takes a lot of pumping on a bicycle pump to inflate a big automobile tire.

Meanwhile, one reader emails to say "The reason we like Instapundit – besides the fact that you make even the dumbest sh** interesting – is that you are crazy like the rest of us, blogging from the tire shop and suchlike places. Keep it up. You’ll really grab our attention if you manage to blog from the middle of a U2 concert this spring." Hmm. . . .