December 09, 2004

SORRY FOR THE LIMITED BLOGGING: I've been taking it easy, and reading Iron Sunrise by Charles Stross. Excerpt:

"Are you Frank the Nose?" asked a female voice.

Frank pulled his shades right off, rather than dialing them back to transparency. "What the f--- eh, what are you talking about?" he spluttered, reaching for his left shoulder with his left hand. It was the young woman he'd seen in the corridor. He couldn't help noticing the pallor of her skin and the fact that every item of her costume was black. She was cute, in a tubercular kind of way. Elfin, that's the word, he noted.

"I'm sorry to disturb you, it's, like, I was told you were a warblogger?"

"Who wants to know?" he finally asked, surprising himself with his mildness.

I was quite amused when I hit that passage.