November 11, 2004


UPDATE: RatherGate envy?

ANOTHER UPDATE: From today's Wall Street Journal:

Is it just me, or does the whole mainstream-media-generated controversy over blogs savor of an attempt to score a hit against blogs out of pique and envy? Blogs completely changed the tenor of reporting in this campaign, notably giving CBS and the New York Times black eyes at crucial moments. Would it be unrealistic to see the gleeful reporting on the fallibility of the blogs as a feeble and rather clueless attempt to dent their credibility -- in effect, to say, you'd better leave it to the pros next time? Of course, virtually all the mainstream media (MSM) cheerfully jumped on the supposed Kerry victory bandwagon, leading, as blogger Mickey Kaus put it, to the "Seven-Hour Presidency of JFK." But then the MSM have never been too good at self-analysis.

It's not just you.

And this CBS apology isn't for RatherGate. Sheesh.

UPDATE: Reader Hunter Weatherly emails: "CBS Apology explained: People actually watch CSI!"