November 07, 2004

OKAY, ONE MORE before I head back over to the hospital this morning. Hugh Hewitt has some advice for Republicans:

The opposition to Specter seems headquartered at The Corner. Many friends post at The Corner, so I paused, considered their arguments, and thought it through. On reflection, it seems to me a very bad idea to try and topple Senator Specter from what in the ordinary course of events would be his Chairmanship. I hope my colleagues on the center-right that embrace pro-life politics will reconsider.

I understand that Senator Specter voted against Robert Bork, and that Senator Specter is not a friend of the pro-life movement. But genuine progress in the fight to return American public opinion to an affirmation of life before birth cannot be made through strong-armed tactics and almost certainly will not be lasting if it is accomplished through a putsch.

I'm not a pro-lifer like Hugh, of course, but I've felt that the folks at The Corner have been a bit carried away on this, too. I hope that they'll listen to Hugh in a way they probably wouldn't listen to me on this subject.