November 03, 2004

BITTER, ANGRY LOSERS: No, not the Democrats, but the real losers in this election -- the Old Media, still angry that they couldn't deliver their fifteen percent. I just heard E.J. Dionne on All Things Considered (audio not posted yet) delivering himself of an astonishing amount of anti-Bush venom. Dan Rather was reportedly dissing bloggers last night. And, of course, there are the rather churlish remarks of ABC's Mark Halperin, declaring Bush a "lame duck" before his first term has even ended.

They know who the big losers were in this election. And we're not talking Kerry/Edwards.

UPDATE: Well, at least it's not James Wolcott's "Good, Go Ahead, America, Choke on Your Own Vomit, You Deserve to Die." I think that needs more tweaking, but I guess we should just be glad he's not calling down killer hurricanes again.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Frank J.'s response to Halperin's "lame duck" remark:

I think it's safe now to admit that Bush stole the first election and served illegitimately. Thus he was elected for the first time for real yesterday. So, can Bush now run for real reelection in 2008?

Hmm. Based on what I've heard from Michael Moore about the 2000 election, I think Frank's onto something. . . .