November 02, 2004

IS ANYONE STILL UNDECIDED? My colleague Gordon Smith is! And he's already gone to his polling place! He writes:

This morning I dropped by my local polling place at 6:30 am, intending to vote. While I knew that John Kerry would not get my vote ...

Read the whole post to see why.
... I still did not know whether I could vote for George Bush. My plan was to look at the ballot and follow my gut. When I filled out the registration, I noticed that I had been given a red pen. "Deficits," I thought. (I will be so happy when this election is over, and my dendrites stop firing election messages.) The line was already 30 people long, and it wasn't moving. As it turned out, the polls wouldn't open until 7 am. Crud! I had an early meeting at the office, and I couldn't wait that long.

So I will be voting this afternoon, probably in an hour or two. And I am still undecided, not between the two candidates, but between George Bush and my protest vote. I still remember my complaints about George Bush, and I do not hold out much hope for change. That's the thing about George Bush: he sticks to his guns. Though I wish he were a different president, he is not the evil man often portrayed by his opponents. But is he good enough that I should help him to win Wisconsin?

UPDATE: Gordon takes comments over there, so feel free to write out some advice, both for him and for the general public.