November 01, 2004

WHAT DO THE MARKETS SAY? Rather than parsing polls, which I'm not very good at, I've taken a look at the electronic betting markets, where people with an opinion about the election can put their money where their mouth is. As of this afternoon, the markets have Bush winning it by a nose.

Readers who are anxious about the outcome of the election should take this opportunity to hedge their net psychic wealth by betting against their candidate. That's right, I said against. That way, if you're a rabid Kerry partisan, and he loses, you'll at least have the consolation of a couple hundred dollars to blow on drinking or a one-way ticket to France. Similarly, I'm sure Bush supporters would find their anguish eased by a little walking-around money before the taxman comes and takes everything they have. Of course, if your candidate wins you're out the money you bet, but in your joy at having Saved the World From HIM, you probably won't even notice.