October 23, 2004

INSTAPUNDIT CORRESPONDENT DAN CASSARO sends these photos and a report from a Bush rally in Jacksonville, which looks to have been well-attended:

Taken with my Nikon 5700, fyi....

The original site for the rally was the Jacksonville Landing, a riverside location that would hold, at most, a few thousand. Demand for tickets was so high they moved it to Alltel stadium (where the Jacksonville Jaguars play). Attendance was estimated at 40,000. We passed a group of Kerry supporters on the way in, maybe 50 at most.

First is a wide shot of the stadium, they had the top levels blocked off. Not a lot of empty seats anywhere. When GWB came out, the noise was incredible. That's him in the blue shirt at the microphone.

Second is the lone protester I saw leaving the stadium, with a with the word "War" on one side, and moral equivalence on the other. I don't think he was old enough to vote either way....

Finally is the moonbat with the "Utilize Poland!" sign. He wouldn't answer questions, he just kept shouting "Poland!" I don't get it. Nobody else did, either.

PS Air Force One made a low, slow pass over the stadium on the way in... an awesome sight!

[LATER: Air Force One pics here and here]. More photos below.

I don't get the Poland bit either. Maybe he meant this?

UPDATE: ConfigSysBoy has posted a recap ("The Babes for Bush phenomenon is alive and well in Jacksonville. . . Speaking of which, the turnout today among the 18-30 demo was absolutely staggering.") and image gallery from the Jacksonville rally. And for those few who insist on Big Media coverage, here are some pictures from the Times-Union.