October 20, 2004

I MUST BE BIG MEDIA NOW: Howard Kurtz is hosting a discussion on the question of whether I'm biased. Here's the answer: Yes! What's the point of having a blog if you can't spout your own opinions? And why would anyone expect anything else?

UPDATE: Reader Jose Sorzano emails:

Regarding the silly charge that you are not "objective": I read you precisely because of a) your judgment. You selection of items to be highlighted is always interesting. It is obviously not "value-free" but the results of your choices almost always (one exception is nanotechnology) makes me want to follow the links to learn more about it. I can't recall when I was disappointed. b) your analysis. It is also inevitably imbued with your values which is manifested in the resulting product which is clear, sober, balanced, rational, and a pleasure to read. Thanks for the effort you put into it.

I hope most readers realize this. Not everyone is likely to be as happy, but that's okay, too, since there are lots of other blogs out there. I see the blogosphere as a pointillist painting where lots of people are putting up the dots. Or, perhaps, some better metaphor that makes the same point. . . At any rate, I don't try for "balance" in the traditional sense because unlike a broadcast outlet or a newspaper, I'm not a quasi-monopolist, but one of millions of bloggers. You don't like my take on things? When I suggest you go elsewhere, I'm not being hostile -- well, usually. It's just that there are a hell of a lot of good blogs out there, and if you don't like mine there's sure to be another one that's more to your taste. And that's a good thing. It's why I'm always telling people to branch out. And I really mean that.

Meanwhile, I'm sorry to disappoint Andrew Sullivan by not being "more abusive." But I've actually tried quite consciously to moderate my tone in the run-up to the elections, because I think that there's quite enough abuse out there. I realize that this only serves to underscore complaints that I lack fire. To which I can only respond that if you're coming to a blog written by a law professor in search of "fire," well, you really need to read some other blogs. . . .

ANOTHER UPDATE: Various people weigh in, here and here.