October 13, 2004

IT'S GOING TO BE HARD TO SCORE THIS DEBATE, because both so far have turned in much worse performances than last time.

UPDATE: Nick Gillespie agrees: "I'm getting a sense that both of these guys will emerge from this as losers."

Hey, Nick -- put up Ron Bailey's article on health insurance. It's better than what I'm hearing from Bush and Kerry.

Stephen Green adds: "This debate sucks."

ANOTHER UPDATE: Julian Sanchez reports that apparently Bush sucks less: "the 80 percent liberal room I'm watching with seems to agree that Bush is winning."

MORE: Reader David Broadus agrees, with emphasis:

Bush is hitting it out of the park tonight. He does not look or sound like the same person of the last two debates. I don't see how you think they are both losers...

Okay, I've said before my judgment of these things isn't to be trusted.

STILL MORE: Jeff Jarvis is liveblogging, too.