October 11, 2004

THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN BLOG ROUNDUP has been posted. Check it out -- you may find some blogs you like better than this one!

UPDATE: Reader Brian Sament emails that I shouldn't make recommendations like this:

You're getting like the stereotypical hero guy who always insists while mugging for the TV camera that "it's nothing, it's what anyone would do."

Do you NOT want people to visit your blog? Do you think your blog SUCKS and feel ashamed that people are visiting it?

Recommend other blogs, but it's downright strange when you tell people not to visit your own blog.

Well, I'm not telling people not to visit my blog. But the blogosphere is a big place. Judging from the complaints I get from some readers that I'm not writing enough about stuff they consider important, InstaPundit is not, in fact, a one-size-fits-all blog. And neither are any others! I think it's important for people to find blogs they like. Lots of people come to InstaPundit and read it, and a few other blogs that I link to a lot, and don't venture further into the blogosphere. I try to encourage people to get beyond that because (1) I might not be around forever; and (2) I think those other blogs deserve more traffic, too. The blogosphere is more important than any one blog, and no single blog is everything to everybody, or should try to be.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Bill Graham emails:

I'm not sure if I agree with Brian's comment or not in whole, but this is how I view your work:

You are not Twain, Poe, Tolstoy, nor Shakespeare, etc. You sir, are the librarian who took the job because (s)he loves to read. One pass by your desk and I can get a plethora of suggestions and just the right amount of commentary about each one. No plots given away, just a sampling and a suggestion to go find the same enjoyment you have experienced. And like any good librarian, you often repeat the suggestion that if I am only reading the Cliff Notes, I am really just cheating myself.

And like most librarians, you're doing this on a volunteer basis. Thank you.

Well, I'm a librarian's son. . . .