September 07, 2004


I am amazed that the Times is using military casualties to build a potential toehold for the Kerry campaign.

The Times isn't the only one. Here's an email I got from one Daniel Burosh, who opposes the war, in connection with a recent bombing in Iraq:

I Guess the baby soldier body parts flew just EVERYWHERE! Imagine the game:

"Look Abdul, I found an arm!"

"Here's a couple of ears!"

"Gee, Mustafa. I think a found a scrotum, and the ball are still inside!"


Hoo-ray! 985 and counting... When it hits 1000, my friends and I are going to PAR-TAY!

I get a steady flow of emails along these lines. Rooting for American soldiers to die strikes me as a poor strategy for the anti-Bush forces.

UPDATE: Further thoughts here.


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