September 02, 2004

I HAVE A POKER GAME TONIGHT, and I've decided to go play instead of staying here and blogging. I've pretty much overloaded on politics this week, and I don't want to suffer from the perspective-loss that seems to have hit some quarters of the media and blogosphere.

Stephen Green will be liveblogging, and I suspect that Ann Althouse will be too, and PeakTalk. Along with comments from Wizbang, Ed Morrissey, RedState, Power Line, Oxblog, and a bunch of the other RNC bloggers, no doubt.

Besides, what do you need me for? Thanks to the wonder of Laphamization(tm) ABC and the Independent have already covered the event:

It was a prime-time, nationally televised climax to a gathering that has in effect been a four-day party political broadcast for the Republicans, depicting the President as uniquely able to protect America, and belittling John Kerry as a "flip-flopper" who could not be trusted to protect US national security. . . . Immediately after his acceptance speech at a delirious Madison Square Garden, the President left New York to resume campaigning.

So there you are. Lacking a time machine, how can I compete with that? And don't miss The Belgravia Dispatch's report card for Bush on Iraq. Mixed grades, and some thoughts on Kerry.