August 26, 2004

IT'S HELL BEING A LIBERAL BLOGGER THESE DAYS: First I'm smeared by Fox News. Then, when I dare to respond, I'm savaged by pro-lifers making Moby-like false allegations. And now I discover that I'm on Orrin Hatch's hit list! It's "fear and smear" all over the place!

Hatch I can handle, though, as I've got secret copies of his efforts at recording rap music. Trust me, he doesn't want those to become public. . . .

UPDATE: Boy, you can't spoof anything without upsetting someone. A reader warns me that I'm developing "Andrew Sullivan disease" and writes:

You're beginning to worry me. First, don't automatically assume that EVERYONE at Fox is "right wing." That is clearly not the case. In fact, I doubt that anyone "right wing" would have any interest in slighting your Kerry fisking. It doesn't make sense and only sounds like you want to cover yourself with a mantle of faux glory. Like, er, Kerry.

Secondly, that's what you call being "savaged"? If a pro-lifer is Christian, he won't swear or make an ad hominem attack, although he may misunderstand and disapprove. Put on your big boy pants.

Lastly, I love your work. But here's the best piece of advice you'll get: it's not about you. Limit your persecution comments and self-promoting photos.

Er, okay. But the "faux-glory" Kerry persecution point was, well, the whole point actually.

And I thought the photo was more "self-deprecating" than "self-promoting." I mean, I don't exactly look like Dylan McDermott there, you know . . . .