August 18, 2004

PINCHED: Now Kerry's war stories are being attacked from the left. I don't think much of these guys, but you can't dismiss them as Republican shills! And presumably, their stuff is subject to outside validation, if anyone bothers. (Sorry -- my lunch hour is over. . . .) [LATER: Does this count? Left and right agree, anyway.]

Meanwhile, Helen Thomas is calling him a warmonger, though in typical Helen Thomas fashion she's utterly clueless:

Kerry is mistaken on a key point. Under the U.S. Constitution, the president does not have that sole right to declare war. Despite its mindless default, that right still belongs to Congress.

Yes, and that's why Kerry said he voted to give Bush that authority. See, that's what Congress does when it declares war. Sheesh. Read the stuff you quote, Helen.

Now I'm defending John Kerry against Helen Thomas. What is this, the Bizarro-blogosphere?