July 29, 2004

COLLABORATIVE LIVEBLOGGING: I'm opening comments on this thread, so that people can post reactions to Kerry's speech in realtime, if they like. When the speech is over I'll close 'em, and open another one for overall evaluatons.

UPDATE: Text of speech here.

And Stephen Green is liveblogging, too.


"I know what we have to do in Iraq. We need a President who has the credibility to bring our allies to our side and share the burden, reduce the cost to American taxpayers, and reduce the risk to American soldiers. That's the right way to get the job done and bring our troops home.

Here is the reality: that won't happen until we have a president who restores America's respect and leadership -- so we don't have to go it alone in the world. "

What are Britain, Australia, Poland and the others, chopped liver?

Posted by: An Englishman Abroad at July 29, 2004 10:51 PM
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