July 26, 2004

MARK STEYN writes on Sandy Berger and war revisionism. Max Cleland is mentioned, too:

Take, for example, Max Cleland, Vietnam veteran and former Georgia senator. Last week, speaking in his role as Kerry campaign mascot, he said Bush went to war with Iraq because "he basically concluded his daddy was a failed president" and he "wanted to be Mr. Macho Man" so he "flat-out lied."

Blistering stuff, huh? Would this be the same Max Cleland who voted to authorize war with Iraq in the U.S. Senate? Perhaps, as he's so insightful about the president's psychology, he could enlighten us as to his own reasons for wanting war with Iraq?

If I were planning the Republican Convention, I'd make sure that some of the nationally televised primetime was devoted to a video featuring clips of what Democrats said about the war then, and now.